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to the people

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I had a wonderful time during the workshop. Kasia is super friendly and has worked hard to acquire her extensive knowledge and therefore knows her way around extremely well. She knew the answer to everything, was very helpful and I felt very well taken care of. I can only recommend the workshop to everyone, even if you are not directly unhappy with your skin, it is a great experience and knowledge enrichment.



Hi! I'm Kasia, the founder of Naturally Honest Labs - skincare manufacture from Berlin with a mission to bring "plant power to the people"! A few years ago I was where, perhaps many of you, are now - I had a skincare problem and nothing seemed to help. I was resigned. Then I stumbled upon plant oils… and the rest is history. Although my formal background is in finance, I have a passion for plants and skin. I spent the past years on using the newest scientific research to create a completely plant based system of caring for your skin. Come and let’s EMPOWER YOUR SKINCARE together!


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