The towel: 27 x 27 cm; 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

The oil: 50ml; 2 months supply

The OCM Starter Kit - Dry Skin

Towel colour
  • Become an instantaneous Oil Cleansing Method pro with this OCM Starter Kit. No hassle and a perfectly cleansed face every time.

    This kit contains:
    1 x Face Cleansing Oil
    1 x “Magic” Face Cleansing Towel

    The Magic:

    • QUICKLY & EASILY remove your make-up and cleanse your face using the Oil Cleansing Method.
    • SAVE MONEY & COSMETICS – the specially woven material picks up makeup and impurities more effectively, so you can use less of the Face Cleansing Oil.
    • ZERO WASTE – nothing lands in a bin at the end of your skincare routine. You save the environment and its resources.
    • SUSTAINABLE – the towel is made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which production is healthier for the environment and for the farmers.
    • LUXURY – the towel is extra soft and extra thick for the delicate skin of your face; it retains the heat for longer, to open your pores and deeply clean your skin.
    • XXL – The 27 cm x 27cm large towel is sure to cover your whole face during cleansing.
    • CLEVER – use the darker side for eye makeup removal, the lighter side for cleansing your face and keep your towel looking beautiful forever.
    • MACHINE WASHABLE – simply throw the towel into a washing machine every 3 days. Makeup residue rinses out easily with soap and water in between machine washes.
    • DURABLE – take care of your towel and it will last for years.
    • MADE WITH LOVE IN BERLIN – you support handmade products and local producers.
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