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Hydratone no 2 - Hydrate & Tone - Dry & Mature Skin


20 ml

6 months supply

• HYDRATE & TONE your skin with a single innovative product. Face oil primer & perfect makeup base - Hydratone 2 is ideal for dry & mature skin. Perfect for those struggling with damaged skin, lack of firmness and fine lines.

• INCREASES SMOOTHNESS & ELASTICITY of the dry skin. Delivers deep skin hydration. A super effective cross between a natural face toner and a natural face cream.

• SYNTHETIC FREE & CHEMICAL FREE skin care. Contains healing and toning Palmarosa Essential Oil and collagen stabilising Organic Vegetable Glycerine (the humectant).

• EFFECTIVE YET GENTLE face care range. Organic Vegetable Glycerine is scientifically proven to promote healthy skin cell turnover and help repair the skin barrier. A skincare product designed to effectively balance & tone the skin.

• 100% VEGAN & 100% CRUELTY FREE – eco-friendly & natural face lotion alternative. Delivers the moisture, which the Face Oils lock inside of your skin.


This cosmetic is 100% plant based, 100% vegan and 99% organic



Proudly made in Berlin, Germany

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