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Cleansing Face Oil & Makeup Remover - Dry Skin


50 ml

2 months supply

•    DEEP YET GENTLE CLEANSE for your skin. This Cleansing Face Oil is perfect for dry skin. Ideal for those struggling with flaky skin, redness and irritation. Effectively removes dirt & impurities. Effortless waterproof makeup remover.
•    NON-IRRITATING & pH NEUTRAL– doesn’t change the skin’s pH and therefore supports the renewal of the skin’s barrier. Superior to cleansing with face soap & face cleansers – doesn’t dry out your skin.
•    MOISTURISING & CALMING - many individuals report reduction in irritation, less skin tightness and elimination of dryness after switching to the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM).
•    SYNTHETIC FREE & CHEMICAL FREE skin care. Contains moisturising Organic Macadamia Oil, anti-inflammatory and gently exfoliating Organic Castor Oil and healing Organic Avocado Oil.
•    NOURISHES THE SKIN & THE EYELASHES thanks to use of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants rich premium quality organic oils. 100% active pure plant ingredients, 100% vegan & 100% cruelty free – eco-friendly & natural face gel cleanser alternative.


This oil is 100% plant based, 100% vegan and 99.2 % organic




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