by Kasia Bussmann, Founder

When I first found out that, despite being tested for safety, some cosmetic ingredients have been linked to cancer and hormonal imbalances, I was shocked. I pledged never to put on my skin anything that wasn’t 100% natural. However, despite finding natural skincare products, I still wasn’t convinced that they were the best option for my skin. Because, is a cosmetic made out of only 10% active ingredients and 90% water, preservatives, stabilisers and texture enhancers (even if there are of natural origin) really going to be effective?

Looking for 100% plant based alternative to conventional skincare I became fascinated with plant oils and their ability to moisturise, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. I started experimenting with Neem and Tamanu Oils. I was amazed how quickly the oils absorbed. My skin was incredibly soft and first time since at least a decade I did not have to use a face powder every few hours to mattify. This was one of the most exciting times in my life.

Months of research and development later, I was creating bespoke oil blends for myself and my friends. The concept was simple – 100% plant based active ingredients and none of the “placeholders”, as I started to call them. My friends were asking for more and telling their friends and family. This was when I started to think, that my concept could work as a business.

I came up with the name "Naturally Honest Labs" while riding a bike. It is a representation of what the brand stands for: the connection between us and the earth, the transparency and the scientific approach. The concept evolved organically from making great skincare to creating and sharing knowledge to empower you to make conscious skincare choices. Because knowledge is power!

Naturally Honest Labs isn’t just a skincare brand, it’s a philosophy. If it makes perfect sense to you, then you already are one of us.  Welcome to the Empowerment Community!



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