Our Philosophy

Nature has stood the test of time in providing us with the elements necessary to nourish and protect our bodies. Over millennia our cells had time to learn to respond to chemical compounds of plant origin. The length of time today's synthetic chemicals have been around, is a blink of an eye in comparison. Besides, many synthetic ingredients are not only bad for our planet but do not contain any active properties. So why are the conventional cosmetics full of them? Simply put - they're cheap and they have a long shelf life.

We rethought the way cosmetics are formulated and kept only the ingredients which benefit and support your skin. Honest!

Naturally Honest Labs uses only plant based ingredients with active properties and is committed to capturing the newest available research as well as centuries of ancient wisdom to bring the benefits of plant based ingredients into your cosmetics.

Our bottles and jars are packed full of active ingredients and none of the 'placeholders', therefore our packaging sizes are often much smaller but the products will last you equally long, each bottle representing two to six months of cosmetic supply. Travel size is our standard size. You want catch us using unnecessary wraps, boxes or ribbons, which only end up in a bin after a product is opened. We reduced the use of plastic in our packaging to a minimum and, because of the concentrated nature of our cosmetics, we help our planet, one small, recyclable bottle at a time. Our plant ingredients are active and powerful and their production isn't toxic to the environment, so you know exactly what you pay for, without having to worry about the hidden cost of environmental pollution.

We strongly believe that our skin already has all the tools to look and feel its best. Our task is not to replace these tools but to keep them in best condition. This way, your skin does not become dependent on the help from the outside and is able to better take care of itself, even if you occasionally "skip" your beauty routine.

Our cosmetics are suitable for vegans, planet lovers and people caring about animal welfare. They are even good for men and women alike!

Not just a pretty face...

Here at Naturally Honest Labs we put people, animals and the planet before profits. The production of our raw ingredients supports communities, alleviates poverty and gives opportunities to women around the world. The company printing our labels belongs to the “Together Forward” (”Dalej Razem”) Cooperative, which gives jobs and assists individuals with autism. Naturally Honest Labs’ headquarters and cosmetics production is based in Berlin, supporting the local economy and community. So when you buy our products, you too make a difference!

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