our philosophy

Plants have the power to protect their cells from UV radiation, cold, heat and pathogens. They build complex systems where many substances, like anti-oxidants and vitamins, work together to do that. You can charge your skin with their energy! It’s scientifically proven – the skin machine runs much better on bio-fuel.

Going organic is about a choice we make today for the Earth of tomorrow. Not only food comes from the fields. Our power plants do to, so we want to make sure that they are as sustainable as possible. Besides, the bees and the birds like the organic fields much better and what’s good for them, is good for us.

We tell it as it is. We’d rather give you too much information, than not enough. Why? Because we believe that’s the only way to win and keep your trust. You deserve to know how the skin works, what it needs and why. You deserve to know how cosmetics are formulated. You deserve to know what percentage of it is plant based, vegan and organic. We want you to know this, because we believe you should have the power to make conscious skincare choices.

Plant power to the people! Yes, to the people and not just the privileged few. Clean and effective skincare is your basic right. We give you luxury, organic skincare at a price that is fair to you and to us.



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