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Our cosmetics take you on a journey. And we mean more of a long-haul flight, then a bus ride. You will see results from the first use, but the real change will come with time. And it will be there to stay.


All of our products do not contain water. This may strike you as odd, as you are probably used to seeing the word 'aqua' listed as an ingredient on many cosmetic products you used - often as number one. But have you actually wondered, that, what you are paying for, is the same thing, which you have running in abundance in your tap? If the question is how to bring and retain moisture within skin or hair, then the answer is not: by using the water in the cosmetic product instead of the one available everywhere.

By rethinking the need to include water within our products we have got rid of many of the disadvantages, which come with its use.


Waterless products don't require preservatives, emulsifiers or solubilisers. They are more concentrated, requiring less packaging, which in turn makes them more environmentally friendly. Lastly, what you pay for are cosmetics full of active ingredients - each and every drop of them! On all our leave-on waterless products we say: "Apply on wet skin". Water is an ingredient you can add yourself.

If we were to ask you for anything, it would be this: "Stay open minded and give it a month".


Yes, our cosmetics may not be what you are used to. That's because they are formulated based on the principle of health and effectiveness over profits. They may smell more subtly and using one to two drops of a face oil at a time may sound like far too little, but resist the temptation to follow old habits. Especially, when during the first month your skin will be detoxifying. All that waste your skin wasn't able to get rid of, because the synthetic ingredients were sealing it off, is now on its way out. Let the skin do its job - sometimes no intervention is the best intervention.



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