T&Cs of the "Hash-Tag Competition":

1. Each first week of a month Naturally Honest Labs will choose minimum one person, amongst the ones who have posted about Naturally Honest Labs on Instagram using the #naturallyhonestlabs or tagged @naturally.honest.labs in their Facebook post in the previous month.

2. The decision is purely subjective, but will be based on a general criteria like: the quality of the image, the creativity of the arrangement, the detail and quality of the accompanying image description, the ability to capture Naturally Honest Labs' ethos - amongst others.

3. The decision will be announced through social media (Instagram and/or Facebook) and the winner will be tagged in the announcement post and contacted directly.

4. The winner will receive a gift, which will be sent to the winner's address free of charge. The gifts will typically include Naturally Honest Labs' products, but the size and nature of the gift is at Naturally Honest Labs' discretion.

5. You must be 18+ years old and have a valid EU address to be able to take part in the competition.

6. By tagging Naturally Honest Labs in your posts, you are acknowledging and agreeing to our privacy policy.

7. Should the chosen winner not fulfil the requirements in point 5, Naturally Honest Labs can either transfer the prize to another person, roll the gift over to the next month or decide not to award anyone else.

8. Should Naturally Honest Labs not be able to contact the winner within 3 working days to obtain shipment details, the treatment from point 7 applies.

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