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sunscreen (SPf) products

Safe sunscreen products are a hot topic right now. We want to make it even hotter and create a range of natural SPF face and body care products, which are not only functional, but can be used even by babies. Better still! We want our sunscreens to be completely marine life-safe too!

youth boosting products

This R&D programme focuses on finding plants with the power to reverse the clock for our skin, rejuvenating and boosting the health of the skin cells. We aim to develop products, which are safe and non-irritating and which have proven to boost the skin's own regeneration capabilities.

hair care products

Hair and scalp are two of the most misunderstood parts of the body. We want to revolutionise the way we care for them by developing a range of hair care products, which support the natural function of the scalp. No more harsh products stripping our hair and skin of their protective coating!



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