Our philosophy

Puzzled by cosmetic labels? Naturally!

Substances binding oil and water, foaming agents, colorants, stabilisers, synthetic perfume and preservatives, fillers... Are these really necessary to produce high performance cosmetics? Skin is a membrane just like your gut. Up to 60% of the cosmetic you apply on your skin can end up in your blood stream. Isn't there a better way to keep it in good shape?

There is.

Our cosmetics are suitable for vegans, planet lovers and people caring about animal welfare. They are even good for men and women alike!


Our Method

On all our leave-on waterless products we say: "Use on wet skin". Water is an ingredient you can add yourself.


By rethinking the need to include water within our products we have got rid of many of the disadvantages, which come with its use.


Waterless products don't require preservatives, emulsifiers or solubilisers. They are more concentrated, requiring less packaging, what in turn makes them more environmentally friendly. Lastly, what you pay for are cosmetics full of active ingredients - each and every drop of them!

Find out how our products are designed to be used here:


Our cosmetics are vegan, plant based and organic.

Our Ingredients

Our products are waterless. Instead we use two main types of ingredients: base oils & butters and essential oils.


We use only the best quality cold pressed, unrefined oils and butters in our cosmetics. Such oils retain the highest quantity of active ingredients. We also use organic oils and if oils with such certification are not available, we ensure we use a wild-harvested oil.

Find out more about the ingredients we use here:



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